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2/21/2024 - Due to ongoing issues with the City of Oregon City Code Enforcement office, Akiyama no Roushya must remove its web presence as it and the information within is being used out of context and incorrectly.This has negatively effected our lives and we can no longer dedicate our time or resources to this hobby or the passion of sharing these dogs with the USA. Akiyama no Roushya can no longer assist in any rehoming or assistance for these dogs. If you are interested in Kishu Ken please reference the National Kishu Ken Club for other breeders or information.

About Akiyama no Roushya

Akiyama no Roushya is operated by C.J. McCammon with the help of family, co-owners, and close friends. CJ is involved in public health and disease surveillance professionally. They came to the breeds through their background as a canine behavior specialist, dog trainer, and animal care provider and they have an education in behavioral psychology and conservation biology. C.J. joined the Nihon Ken community in 2009 in search of assistance for a client's Shikoku Ken and subsequently became interested in Kishu Ken in 2010. They spent years studying and learning about the breeds, their history, temperament, type, and health, finally obtaining their first Shikoku Ken in 2013 and first Kishu Ken in 2014, both rehomed adults.In 2014, Kishu-Ken.org was published to bring as much unbiased information to English as possible from native Japanese sources, from early publications, and from scholarly articles. In 2015 the kennel moved from Rhode Island to Oregon and has grown since. Shikoku Ken were added to the Akiyama no Roushya in 2020 after TK's (O'IKon's Takoda) earlier in that year. The URL changed from kishu-ken.org to akiyamano.co to reflect the change.In their volunteer work for the breeds, C.J. served as voted-in president for the National Kishu Ken Club from its foundation until 2022 when they stepped down. From 2023 C.J. serves as board member and Pacific Northwest region representative for both the National Kishu Ken Club and American Shikoku Ken Club. C.J. has also been a long standing member of the volunteer rescue community since 2009 under various groups nationwide.

Writing, Work, & Features

In addition to being a contributing member to several social media groups, writing the foundation for both the Shikoku Ken and Kishu Ken parent club websites, writing the foundation for the Shikoku Ken and Kishu Ken AKC parent club breed standards, and contributing to countless other credited and uncredited breed education documents, C.J. has been published and credited in a handful of works for the Kishu Ken and Shikoku Ken breeds.Articles
Hammond, CJ. "The Kishu Ken – A Wonderfully Wild Dog Living in a Modern World." Showsight Magazine, 26 October 2022, https://showsightmagazine.com/kishu-ken-wild-dog-living-in-modern-world/
McCammon, CJ. "The Power of Popularity Trends: Inheritance Challenges of Yuushoku and White Coats in the Kishu Ken." Akiyama no Roushya, 23 April 2023
McCammon, C.J. "The Kishu Ken: Breed History & Expanded Resource." Draft finished. Editing phase. Expected release 2024-2025
McCammon, C.J."The Shikoku Ken: Breed History & Expanded Resource." Draft finished. Editing phase. Expected release 2024-2025
Interviews & Features
Okazaki, Manami. “Japanese Dog Breeds.” Japan's Best Friend: Dog Culture in the Land of the Rising Sun, Prestel Verlag, Munich, 2022.


Which breed is right for me?

The Kishu Ken and Shikoku Ken have interwoven histories and very similar traits and qualities. Both dogs were developed as medium sized hounds from neighboring regions; Shikoku island is an island off the coast of the Kii peninsula. Both breeds are loyal and tenacious. Both breeds have a great off-switch that makes them easy to live with in the home. This list goes; the Kishu Ken and Shikoku Ken share many standard points as well.It wasn't until recent history that the breeds were divided from regional varieties of one landrace breed ("medium sized Nihonken" under NIPPO) and their historical interbreeding was disallowed. This tends to mean that although they are not entirely interchangeable, if you are a good home for one breed, you may be a good home for the other and the choice can come down to the smaller details.That said, there are modern trends within each population since their official splitting which make it more common to see some traits in one breed versus the other and these trends may spell out dealbreakers for a prospective individual puppy owner or family.

Essays could be written on the similarities between the breeds and so their differences become more important to illustrate. Keep in mind that because of they have shared a fundamental purpose and interwoven histories these differences may not apply to every individual in the two breeds! Plenty of overlap exists and can be very dependent on the line and parentage of the individual in question.One thing that requires mention for the similarities between the breeds is this: When looking at both the Shikoku Ken and the Kishu Ken, be prepared for training impulse control, particularly around prey animals and strange dogs!


Generalizations and finer details...

One might describe the Kishu Ken as a lightning bolt: big and bold and racing to its destination from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The Shikoku Ken, then, reminds me of the oscillating devices during a Tesla demonstration: it performs the same general task, but in a more frenetic and chaotic way. Ultimately, both are electrical forces that are seeking the same thing.For those who do not visualize in that way:Are you an extrovert or always looking for a new big adventure? If you like dogs that will accompany you to the brewery, downtown, or a busy party and it's important that your dogs like friends and strangers alike, the Kishu Ken is your perfect match of the two. These social and exuberant dogs are enthusiastic hunters - whether that's on the trail for a good chase, good eats, or a new friend. Kishu Ken wear their heart on their sleeve and give their all in every endeavor. You'll never question how your Kishu Ken is feeling.Many Kishu Ken have a difficult time knowing when to quit their fun or activities and need help with their impulse control. They need to be taught how to quit while they're ahead. To successfully rear a Kishu Ken their partner and handler must advocate for their needs and intervene when it's time to eat a snickers or take a nap. A Kishu Ken over threshold can be difficult to spot because they do not shut down or stop taking reward and sometimes their stress escapes notice until they become a dragon or a shark.Maybe you're an introvert who prefers the company of good friends in a quiet space. The Shikoku Ken may enjoy your lifestyle. The Shikoku Ken is a sensitive soul who needs strong and kind socialization as a young dog and into adulthood to feel confident in many situations. Many dogs like the people they know and the comfort of familiarity. The Shikoku Ken wants to have fun in company they know the best. This does not mean they are demure or sedate: they are adrenaline and serotonin seekers waiting for their next rush, when they are their best selves.The Shikoku Ken tends to grow uncomfortable with the unknown and may withdraw within themselves when stressed. This may make it difficult to know when to step in and advocate for your Shikoku Ken or reward them when they need it most. This becomes challenging when raising a Shikoku Ken because if the person they trust most consistently fails to recognize their struggle, the Shikoku Ken may feel they need to advocate for themselves and become wary or aggressive with strangers.


The following are English language standard-prototypes taken from the Nihon Ken Hozonkai and written in the language and format established by the American Kennel Club's standard writing documents. These standards are published on their respective breed parent club websites. The Nihon Ken Hozonkai standard is the basis for the standard brought to FCI through JKC, but lacks expanded material.It is up to the respective breed clubs (the National Kishu Ken Club & American Shikoku Ken Club) to establish their standards with the AKC.

  1. National Kishu Ken Club Standard - Kishu Ken standard for AKC by the national parent club

  2. American Shikoku Ken Club Standard - Shikoku Ken standard for AKC by the national parent club

For official standard material visit NIPPO, UKC, and FCI.

Akiyama no Roushya


Akiyama no Roushya is a NIPPO and FCI registered kennel dedicated to producing quality Kishu Ken and Shikoku Ken bred to the NIPPO standard and helping their respective breed clubs to advance the recognition of these rare breeds within the American Kennel Club and in the USA in general. This kennel is a not-for-profit endeavor, meaning this is our passion and hobby - we do not see any overhead from our breeding.We have owned Shikoku Ken since February 2013 and Kishu Ken since May 2014 after researching and learning about both breeds since September 2009. Our goal is to identify and import dogs of competitive breed type under the NIPPO standard, sound parent temperaments which suit our mission, and strategically valuable pedigree additions with health data available whenever possible.As of 2023 we have removed in-depth profiles on our dogs to minimize our website footprint. Images and video content can be found on our social media. All of our health testing is always made available on the OFA database and the pedigree database without suppressing failing results. Pertinent links to health testing and the pedigree database are made available on our listing.


Our breeding and prospective breeding Kishu Ken. We have historically focused on diversity of the Kishu Ken and obtained or bred dogs of varying backgrounds to help sustain a US population of NIPPO-registered Kishu Ken. Akiyama no Roushya has wanted to bring the stable and easily motivated temperaments of the hunting line dogs in our foundation to the excellent breed type of the show line dogs more recently imported. As a secondary goal, due to the prevalence of yuushoku coats in our production, we attempt to breed vibrant and more standard-fitting yuushoku dogs.

Our Dogs

Reg NameCall NameSexDOBColorEmbarkOFA
UKC CH Hakuzan no Sekirou go Hakuzan Ryousou EXC ROMXCúchulainn[m]Feb 16 2016redlinklink
MBIG UKC CH IntCH Akiyama no Roushya Tenrou go ATT TKN VCOisín[m]Dec 18 2019red sesamelinklink
BISSW MBPIG Akiyama no Roushya Seiroume goMeringue[f]Nov 12 2023whitelinklink

Co-Owned & Guardian Home Dogs

We are a National Kishu Ken Club member working with breeders nationally and internationally. Our co-own and guardian home dogs to not reside with us, but are at other private owners and breeders' homes.

Reg NameCall NameSexDOBColorEmbarkOFA
Akiyama no Roushya Kaiki no Tokumine go ATT RATI SPOTGinkgo[f]Jan 04 2021whitelinklink
MBIS MRBIS UKC CH UWP Katsuichime go Tomoe CM CA BCAT RAI RATN CGC ATT TKI VHMA VSWB FITB LCI VCXSakura[f]Jan 18 2021whitelinklink
RACEA UKC CH Katsusaburou go Tomoe BCAT VCEnkai[m]Jan 18 2021whitelinklink
MBPIG BIG Akiyama no Roushya Kaichou go TKNBrently[f]June 11 2023sesamelinklink
Akiyama no Roushya Ouha goRowan[f]June 11 2023red sesamelinklink
Kasuga go NakaryuufuusouKasuga[m]Jan 24 2024whitelinklink
Yuki no Asahihime go NakaryuufuusouHime[f]Jan 24 2024whitelinklink
BIS BIG Neo go KenyuanNiamh[f]Feb 22 2024whitelinklink


The breeding and prospective breeding Shikoku Ken at Akiyama no Roushya. There are many Shikoku Ken breeders in the USA who report that they focus on diversity and so this was not necessary for us to focus on like it was with the Kishu Ken. Akiyama no Roushya's focus in Shikoku Ken is to select for temperament and type and have acquired dogs which fit our vision of what a Shikoku Ken should be or should be able to accomplish.

Co-Owned & Guardian Home Dogs

We are a American Shikoku Ken Club member working with breeders nationally and internationally. Our co-own and guardian home dogs to not reside with us, but are at other private owners and breeders' homes.

Reg NameCall NameSexDOBColorEmbarkOFA
RBIS IntCH Chidori go HachidorisouDori[f]Mar 28 2019black sesamelinklink
Yasurime go Shikino sou (Jikino Kensha no Katana no Hira)Suzu[f]Oct 08 2022black sesamelinklink


Dogs who have since retired from breeding. These are listed for posterity and history within our chosen breeds. These dogs generally reside in pet homes or are kept as pets and were either retired before breeding or bred twice before retirement.

Our Retired Dogs

MBIS ALCH Oosaka no Sekihime go ATT CGC HH RATI SPOT VCX EXC ROM[f]Oct 25 2011red sesamelinklink

Retired Co-Owned & Guardian Home Dogs

Gomataro go Bousou Yawara sou[m]Dec 17 2015sesamelinklink
RBISS Seihoume go Hakushuu Daizan sou EXC ROMX[f]Oct 16 2016whitelinklink
RBIS IntCH Akiyama no Roushya Kokuchou go RATI TKN VC EXC[f]Jul 09 2017sesamelinklink
DASH UKC CH Jikino Kensha no Nami no Aima TKN VC EXC[m]Oct 12 2017whitelinklink
Akihana no Ishizuchi go[m]Oct 17 2021redlinklink

In Memory

O'IKon's Takoda[m]Nov 28 2006black sesamelinklink
Tenkuu no Kouki go Mie Tenkuu sou[f]Oct 08 2013whitelinklink
UKC CH Sagami no Roushya Kaneko go RATI RATN SPOT VC[f]May 28 2014whitelinklink
Jikino Kensha no Takara go[m]June 21 2020black sesamelinklink


Akiyama no Roushya courtesy lists available dogs. As an officer at The City of Oregon City Code Enforcement monitors this page and has attempted to use the listings here as evidence of how many dogs we own. We would like to reiterate that these listings are courtesy listings only and that breeding dogs and available dogs listed on this website are not all owned by Akiyama no Roushya nor are they located at our Oregon City address, but reside in homes nationwide.

There are no dogs available at this time.     


Litter plans subject to change. Akiyama no Roushya puppies are placed on contract, prior to transportation arrangements. Owners are responsible for travel arrangements and veterinary costs of health certificate visits. There is no official puppy application. All interviews are performed via conversation online, over the phone, and/or via local meetup.

Our Litters

None planned at this time.     

Co-Owned & Guardian Home Litters

We are a National Kishu Ken Club & American Shikoku Ken Club member working with breeders nationally and internationally. Our co-own and guardian home litters may not reside with us, but are at other private owners and breeders' homes.

Shikoku KenWinter 2024-2025Private GuardianTakezo (US)Dori (US)sesame, black & tanlink
Kishu KenWinter 2024-2025Ourou SouNIPPO Male (JP)Sakura (JP)whiteno link
Shikoku KenSummer 2025Private GuardianSparrow (FI)Suzu (FI)sesame, black sesamelink

1. strikethru = waitlisted homes only / no puppies available

Further details

Akiyama no Roushya puppies go home with AKC, NIPPO, and FCI registration. Akiyama no Roushya is an FCI member kennel and can provide full 3 generation export pedigrees on all puppies if required through FCPR. The puppy owner is responsible for the cost of the export pedigree. At this time, Akiyama no Roushya is the ONLY U.S. Shikoku Ken and Kishu Ken kennel approved by FCI.Our puppies see a veterinarian for all their needs except standard deworming, which is done at home. Puppies go home between 8-16 weeks depending on what we are looking for in a litter and will be up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations, microchipped, and owners receive full access to medical notes provided to Akiyama no Roushya by the veterinarian. Additionally, puppies have their eyes checked for OFA and will all go home with Embark (both breeds) and UC Davis Diversity testing (Shikoku Ken.)Puppy owners receive a folder with their puppy's registration, pedigree, and veterinary information. In litters where registration is not immediately available (due to international mailing times and delays), pedigrees can be mailed. They also go home with a small gift bag which will generally include a toy and blanket they've had growing up with us, a small bag of food to transition from, and treats.Akiyama no Roushya puppies are placed "at cost" for the veterinary care and supplies that goes into rearing the litter. This is not our business, this is our hobby, but vet care, supplies, and inflation may cause prices to fluctuate some. Puppy owners can generally anticipate $1500-2500 for our puppies at this time depending on breed and breeding. If you have financial concerns please raise them to us and we can discuss options. Shikoku Ken puppies are NEVER sold to breeders we do not have prior relationships with, but may be placed as conformation prospects on co-ownership which will restrict breeding rights. EVERY Kishu Ken placement is treated as a full rights placement due to the population crisis, with breeding rights managed in the contract upon placement.


You may also contact us and see more of our lifestyle and our dogs on our social links below:



Nihonken Hozonkai (JP) - Kishu Ken & Shikoku Ken parent club in Japan
Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai (US) - U.S. medium sized breed club open to NIPPO members